28 Days to an Overall View of the Storyline of the Bible

People often say something to the effect that “I wish I knew more about the Bible.”  Having a grasp of the basic Storyline of the Bible can be especially helpful.  Rather than suggesting a study guide or some other materials we are providing a reading plan from the Bible itself that will take 28 days to read through.  Just take a few minutes each day to read through the Scripture and to reflect upon it.  Do it when you are not rushed but have a few minutes to read it slowly and carefully.  You can read it directly from our site or if you prefer, look up the references in your own Bible.  Most days there will be only a couple of chapters to read — though some days will be longer and others shorter.  At the end of the 28 Days, if you stick to it each day, you should have a pretty good grasp of the overall story line of the Scripture.  Happy Reading…


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